Designing The Perfect Star Trek Sneaker

“Six years ago I was introduced to a world of possibility, whose limitation was restricted entirely by my own imagination. As a gift from my sister I was introduced to the concept of the custom designed Converse sneaker, recognizing my penchant for this stylish footwear, it was an illuminating gift to receive and consider. I discussed previously my sadness at saying goodbye to a worn and ragged pair from my expansive collection of Converse sneakers. As a brand they represented my first foray into exploring my half American heritage, buying into and showcasing that particular imagery and associated persona of sorts.” Continue reading Designing The Perfect Star Trek Sneaker

A Cup of Tea with Mr C: A Week in Review #20

“The last week was a real challenge, I’ll discuss in more detail below but in short, the coronavirus struck and left me battling this particular, invisible and insidious virus for over a week. Experiencing the full spectrum of symptoms typical to this disease in varying degrees. After a week, I still have no sense of taste or smell, a lingering cough and a general level of fatigue not common to people of my age and demographic. If I only ever paid it lip service before, feeling it dig its way inside me created a new, fresh appreciation to the damage its causing and a firm believer in a cautious approach out of this pandemic. ” Continue reading A Cup of Tea with Mr C: A Week in Review #20

Dead Space – Xbox 360 Review

“Released in 2008 by developer EA Redwood Studios, the survival horror title Dead Space was a new franchise released on the seventh generation of consoles that looked to draw inspiration from a number of titles in the genre. Released in North America, Europe and Australia, conceived for the prior generation of consoles, the decision was made to hold it back allowing the design team time to bring their creative vision to fruition. With clear inspiration from titles such as Event Horizon and the Alien series of films, it was and does remain one of the more distinct and memorable franchises of that period of gaming” Continue reading Dead Space – Xbox 360 Review

#LoveYourBacklog Month 2021: A Treasure of Undiscovered Gems

“As a pastime, gaming enthusiasts are oft met with a self inflicted sense of guilt due to the excess of our particular predication. On the one hand we view our growing collections with a sense of pride and satisfaction, equally, a realisation it represents many missed opportunities to fully enjoy many of the titles before us. It’s a strange paradox or self inflicted condition that despite our best intentions, more often than not a gaming backlog is a common concern across the gaming community” Continue reading #LoveYourBacklog Month 2021: A Treasure of Undiscovered Gems

A Cup of Tea with Mr C: A Week in Review #19

“An eventful week for a multitude of reasons. But primarily my first flirtation with the virus in over a year after getting home from Italy last March with a consistent cough as colleagues and staff around me started to fall towards the end of the week. And then on Friday I started feeling rough with a lingering chest cough over the weekend. So I decided to take myself down to the local testing centre to have a swab put up my nose and down my throat. I have been fortunate over the last six months to be part of the ONS survey in the UK that afforded me a bi weekly test which gave some peace of mind when I was visiting my partner in my support bubble that I wasn’t carrying any outside infections into her home ” Continue reading A Cup of Tea with Mr C: A Week in Review #19

‘Key Lime Pie’ Dessert Sandwich – Bite Sized Food Review

“The basis for this dessert sandwich is the Key Lime Pie. It’s origins are usually traced back to Key West in Florida, a slightly bitter sweet pie that draws its tartness from the inclusion of lime juice and zest whilst packing a lot of sweetness in the filling. There are variations of the pie and how its baked, for this creation I wanted to stay relatively faithful to the basic idea whilst adding a few touches of my own.” Continue reading ‘Key Lime Pie’ Dessert Sandwich – Bite Sized Food Review