Dragon Age Inquisition – PS4 Review

“Hidden amongst the spires of the Frostback Mountains, situated between the kingdoms of Ferelden and Orlais sits the fortress of Skyhold, the home of the Inquisition during the time of the third Dragon Age title, an imposing and towering structure that gives strength and determination to its residents, striking fear into their enemies. Until its release, I was still undecided on my perceptions of the series, I had enjoyed Origins and its expansion Awakening however felt its run time and structure just didn’t suit the format or style, preferring the more isometric approach taken with the inspirational titles Baldur’s Gate. Dragon Age 2 evolved and smoothed the rough edges of the first game however, the restriction of locations and reuse of assets gave the impression of a game that arguably should have been delayed or pushed back to perfect and indeed finish, the game.” Continue reading Dragon Age Inquisition – PS4 Review

Brass, Steel and Fire: Exhibit Review – Science Museum, London

“The latest exhibit to the Science Museum in London is one of its smallest, both in size and stature. Celebrating the age of experimentation when a swathe of individuals in a variety of professions experimented with the design and constructions of miniature locomotives to form the basis of the Industrial Revolution in the Victorian era. These models and their counterparts would be transported around the world, use to highlight the ingenuity of British innovation, and they all begun in model form.” Continue reading Brass, Steel and Fire: Exhibit Review – Science Museum, London

Red Velvet Gluten Free Cupcake, Hummingbird Bakery – Bite Sized Food Review

“One such option, indeed there only small variety on the menu is a Gluten Free variation of their original Red Velvet Cupcake. It’s presented in two variations, the smaller individual original and the larger cake for ceremonies and occasions. The company does offer a variety of options for catering but none are available individually. It does make you feel a little sad standing inside the bakery looking through the glass at the abundance of riches and feeling almost entirely rejected from partaking in the chocolatey goodness” Continue reading Red Velvet Gluten Free Cupcake, Hummingbird Bakery – Bite Sized Food Review

Hitting The Brick Wall: Confined Within The Sandbox

“The common prevailing trend in recent generations has been the emergence and growth of the open world genre in gaming, studios crafting and creating entire digital environments and ecosystems, in part based or inspired on our own real world locations, in others, entirely original designs and constructs. The sandbox approach has allowed the creation of a virtual environment to indulge and placate our desire to experience a plethora of new mechanics and ideas in a recognisable construct. Those designs and interactions have become more complex and nuanced through the evolution of design though certainly some traits are evident across the spectrum of open world games, presenting themselves prominently in recent years.” Continue reading Hitting The Brick Wall: Confined Within The Sandbox

Palace of Holyroodhouse – Edinburgh, Scotland

“Today, the Palace sites besides the new and modern Holyrood Parliament building where the devolved administration sits deciding affairs of state. It’s a remarkable contrast of two distinct architectural styles that reflects the character of the city, this perfect amalgamation of old and new reflecting the tradition and growth of the Scottish capital. The Palace since the 16th century served as the residence for the Kings and Queens of Scotland and is today used for state occasions when the British Monarch resides in Scotland.” Continue reading Palace of Holyroodhouse – Edinburgh, Scotland

A Cup of Tea with Mr C: A Week in Review #8

“Well, as eluded to last week, my final week off in the year before Christmas was somewhat of an anticlimax, all plans curtailed and cancelled due to the restrictions in place across England. As a consequence I have been out for one or two lovely walks whilst the weather held which in this country is somewhat of an unknown quantity, hitting the rubber, or rather wet sodden and muddy trail around Cowley and Ruislip. ” Continue reading A Cup of Tea with Mr C: A Week in Review #8