Andy Warhol Exhibit – Tate Modern, London

“This major retrospective exhibit brings his distinct style and approach to a UK audience for the first major exhibition in a long while, presented in a chronological fashion detailing key events in his life up until his death in 1987. It charts his experimentation with a variety of media from cinematography to printing and photography and how personal events in his life shaped and changed his approach to this creative form of expression. ” Continue reading Andy Warhol Exhibit – Tate Modern, London

Comfortable Conversations – In July

“Thank you to everyone that has continued to support Comfortably Adventurous in recent months, the interactions, conversations and good humour has been a blessing and huge source of support in a trying period. July looked to set the precedent for a return to some form of normalcy in our everyday lives, the easing of restrictions on our freedoms and liberties we have come to accept as a necessary evil. The shadow of further encroachments looms like an unwelcome shadow but we persevere to draw strength where we can find it and appreciate the small blessing we encounter.” Continue reading Comfortable Conversations – In July

IWM Duxford – Cambridgeshire, England

“Located in the heart of the Cambridgeshire countryside, the Imperial War Museum Duxford is an annex to the main IWM museum in London and part of the groups UK based locations outside the capital. Its lineage and history as Duxford Aerodrome date back to its use and role as a critical part of the UK’s air defences in the first half of the 20th century, operated by the Royal Air Force during the First World War before serving a prominent role in support of the Battle of Britain and as a support facility for American bombers during daylight operations.” Continue reading IWM Duxford – Cambridgeshire, England

National Army Museum – London, England

“Located in one of London’s most affluent Boroughs, the dedicated and central museum for this tranche of the British military, the National Army Museum sits adjacent to the Royal Hospital Chelsea, home to the Chelsea Pensioners and adds to the prestige and occasion of visiting this recently refurbished and modern attraction. Originally conceived in the 1950’s to have a permanent establishment dedicated towards the history of the Army, opened as a temporary exhibit in Sandhurst before moving to its permanent home in Chelsea opening in 1971” Continue reading National Army Museum – London, England

Pole to Pole (1992) – Series Review

“Two years after travelling Around The World in 80 Days, Michael Palin returned in 1992 with his next global adventure journeying from the North to the South Pole following where possible the 30 degree east line of longitude given its predominant land mass, witness to the final days of the Soviet Union, traversing the African continent before arriving at his final destination. His first journey was a challenge, the ever present threat of failure pushing him onwards from country to country with little time to enjoy the many localities he found himself in.” Continue reading Pole to Pole (1992) – Series Review

AI: More than Human Exhibit 2019 – Barbican Centre, London

“I had always been under the somewhat false impression the concept of Artificial Intelligence was a relatively modern construct. Certainly, an argument could be made the motion only really entered the cultural zeitgeist in the last two or three decades or so with the development and progression of PC architecture and technological advancement leading towards a drive for miniaturization and a trajectory of human emulation. Indeed my preconception on the subject was an attempt to emulate the human condition in its most complex state, the personality, the undefinable element of our subconscious most commonly associated in theological terms as the spark of life, indeed perhaps the human soul itself. ” Continue reading AI: More than Human Exhibit 2019 – Barbican Centre, London