Until Dawn – PS4 Review

“Until Dawn brings a new perspective to the interactive drama based games that have grown and prevaled on this gaming generation of consoles. It shares a similarity with its peers in adopting the butterfly narrative approach to storytelling, allowing the users inputs to directly shape and amend the story dependent on your actions or indeed, inactions on occasion” Continue reading Until Dawn – PS4 Review

The Final Countdown (1980) – Movie Review

“Final Countdown is at its heart a narrative fixed around the morality of time travel and the impact of your actions on historical settings and your present day circumstance. Principally, a classic what if? scenario, if you could alter or change the past would you change it, subjectively, for the better regardless of the consequences or allow events to play it as they happened to return to the world you know.” Continue reading The Final Countdown (1980) – Movie Review

Into The Night (2020) Season 1 – Review

“This foreign language drama now available on Netflix is an adaptation of The Old Axolotl by Polish author Jacek Dukaj, charting the desperate attempt, of a disparate ensemble of passengers attempting to avoid exposure to the sun. The series is a short compact experience, comprising of only six episodes in its debut season and whilst there is some room to improve, given its short length and fascinating concepts it makes for a refreshing entry into this particular, niche survival apocalyptic genre. ” Continue reading Into The Night (2020) Season 1 – Review

Star Trek: The Adventure – London, UK 2002

“Reflecting back on this exhibit, in retrospect it does feel like the prelude to the final chapters in that particular iteration of the series. With a consistent presence on both the small and large screen over a period of four decades there was perhaps an element of fatigue creeping in, the feature film series had drawn to a close in some ignamony with purported discontent amongst the actors towards the direction of the final film, it felt very much like a franchise with a finite lifespan. Enterprise was the final series in that continuation which itself drew to a premature conclusion after its fourth season breaking a seven series structure from the previous shows.” Continue reading Star Trek: The Adventure – London, UK 2002

Time Trap (2017) – Movie Review

“Time Trap utilises this mechanic in an interesting fashion framing the premise around a group of individuals discovering a location where the rules of time act differently in contrast to the world around them. It uses a variation of the time slip mechanism, limited somewhat in scope and setting, but still unique enough to set itself apart from its contemporaries. In recent years with a turn towards the post happiness mindset, a number of shows and films have attempted a similar more bleak use of the time slip mechanic” Continue reading Time Trap (2017) – Movie Review

Resident Evil 5 – PS4 Review

“It was the influence and strength of the co-operative mechanic that drew a great deal of praise from across the board with a functional and strong style of play that neither hinder nor impede your progress as you ventured through the heartland of Africa up until your final encounter with the memorable Wesker.” Continue reading Resident Evil 5 – PS4 Review