On Tour With Watch Dogs Legion: Barbican Estate

“For the third chapter in this series, we continue our exploration of London by travelling south from Camden and arriving at the Barbican Estate, home to one of the most distinct and unique housing developments in the Capital as well as the cities own Museum. A great example of the Brutalist Architectural style prominent during the post war reconstruction period of history, today a Grade II listed area with its prominent concrete aesthetic and appearance that encapsulates the design approach of that period of time. A fascinating location to discover and explore.” Continue reading On Tour With Watch Dogs Legion: Barbican Estate

On Tour With Watch Dogs Legion: Camden

“locations as featured in the game Watch Dogs Legion to their digital equivalence. Each review will feature a distinct part of the Capital with many of the most well known and famous buildings and structures represented as well as a few personal hidden treasures from that area. For the second chapter in this new series, we continue our exploration of the city by moving away from the historic quarter of Westminster and Parliament Square and arriving at the independent, bohemian spirited Borough of Camden. A new addition to the Open World recreation of London, unique to this game and an interesting time to explore both the virtual and real world versions of this part of the City. From its iconic bridge to the quiet, serenity of the waterways, any visit to this part of London is a memorable experience but also to see how transformative the events of the last year have been resulting in an alternate, historical portrayal of the future.” Continue reading On Tour With Watch Dogs Legion: Camden

On Tour With Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: St Paul’s To Covent Garden

“Assassin’s Creed Syndicate was released on the 23rd October 2015 as a direct sequel to the French, revolutionary era set game Unity. Crossing the English channel, this new chapter in the franchise brought the action and intrigue to the streets of industrial London with all the grit and crime players had come to expect from this series. It was the first opportunity to explore an open world interpretation of London with many of its well known buildings and landmarks present at this period of time before the devastation caused by the Great Wars and the subsequent landscape and societal changes following this period. In 2018 I set out to capture many of the cities most well known landmarks on camera to compare and contrast the digital and real world equivalence of these locations, to look at the level of authenticity applied by Ubisoft in bringing the City to life. And where for artistic reasons, concessions and changes were made. It wasn’t a project designed to expose the fallacies of the Open World engine used in Syndicate, more an opportunity to explore the City I have resided in all my life and know very well and to shine a spotlight on the differences discovered on my digital and real world adventures. This tour took place in the Summer of 2018 across the City of London taking in many of its most famous landmarks and attractions, concluding in the Spring of 2019 with one final visit to the Tower of London to bring this series to a close.” Continue reading On Tour With Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: St Paul’s To Covent Garden

On Tour With Watch Dogs Legion: Parliament Square

“For the first chapter in this new series, we begin our exploration of the virtual and real world environment at the North Bank of the River Thames standing on the corner of Lambeth Bridge overlooking the Palace of Westminster and the city stretching to the East. It’s one of my favourite views of the Capital, always humbling, always memorable. This first chapter will focus primarily on the area of Parliament Square, the main area of operations for Dedsec and their pub based headquarters travelling the short distance from Lambeth Bridge to Westminster Station. It’s time to explore the virtues of the city in the real and digital world.” Continue reading On Tour With Watch Dogs Legion: Parliament Square

Valiant Hearts – PS4 Review

“Utilising a living comic book presentation style with an artistry and aesthetic more akin to the printed page, Valiant Hearts plays unlike a normal traditional Ubisoft studios title you might expect, narrative is key and at the heart of this expansive and encompassing tale that encapsulates many of the great battles and conflicts of this period from the declaration of war with the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand of the Austrian-Hungarian empire to the Battle of the Somme and across the Western Front.” Continue reading Valiant Hearts – PS4 Review

The Art Of Mafia III – Book Review

“The world of New Bordeaux, and presumably New Orleans is a fascinating variety of the topography of the bayou and marshes to the south and the bright lights and buildings of the urban heartland of the city. The book, as with the game, follows somewhat of a chronological nature of the encounters you experience in the gaming narrative, your earliest encounters and misdemeanours revealed first, the final showdown in the casino one of the last areas covered. It’s a distinct approach, having reviewed a number of these titles in the last year with each seemingly taking its own approach, probably my personal favourite in its approach as it brings to mind the events in the order in which you encountered them as best as it can given the open nature of the games design. ” Continue reading The Art Of Mafia III – Book Review