Old Man’s Journey – PC Review

“Released in the spring of 2017 by Austrian studio Broken Rules, a small independent studio based in Vienna with an ethos of producing meaningful gaming experiences, if ever an epitome and demonstration of a game as a form of artistry is needed I can think of no other recent title that so ably demonstrates that than Old Man’s Journey, whose every nuanced progressive moment is simply breath-taking to behold. Despite a relatively short run time, every location and vista, mountain climbed and town visited was a unique and memorable experience with an artistic style bordering on pastel creating a crescendo of colour and presenting an almost ethereal world to explore and reside within, for ever so short a time. My attention was drawn to this title from the review of the good folk at Northern Plunder in their review¬†and became an addition to my library as Christmas approached, a short and promising title to explore and enjoy. ” Continue reading Old Man’s Journey – PC Review

Warcraft 2: Before Blizzard Was A Dirty Word – Opinion Piece

“good humour, challenged by the menace of the Orc invasion. It was a counterpoint, the antithesis to Westwood Studios Command and Conquer series, rejecting the modern militaristic setting of that series and presenting tropes lifted from Tolkien and other fantasy classics with a modicum of English humour as an aside.” Continue reading Warcraft 2: Before Blizzard Was A Dirty Word – Opinion Piece

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider – PS4: First Impressions

“I enjoyed the first Tomb Raider game in the series, equally, shifting to Rise Of The Tomb Raider there was a clear evolution of both the style and world around you that felt like tentative steps to a more open world experience without leaving you feeling lost and confused where to go next. I played both these games on the last generation before upgrading to the PS4, whilst there were certain graphical differences between the two it didn’t feel like too much of a sacrifice to play these games between generations in contrast to Dragon Age Inquisition which was almost unplayable at times.” Continue reading Shadow Of The Tomb Raider – PS4: First Impressions

Watch Dogs Legion – PS4 Review

“The third entry in Ubisoft’s modern day open world franchise Watch Dog’s arrives shifting the dystopian nightmare of state surveillance and artificial intelligence manipulation across the Atlantic from the American cities of Chicago and San Francisco to the capital city of the United Kingdom as London emerges after a series of terrorist bombings to a new threat posed by ruthless terrorists and anarchists intent on their Machiavellian plans. A new direction for the series, leaving behind the American culture of prior entries and creating a distinct, open world full of British character and good humor whilst tackling from a broader perspective the fear of the rise of overt nationalism and specter of state intervention in its citizens lives. ” Continue reading Watch Dogs Legion – PS4 Review

Dragon Age Inquisition – PS4 Review

“Hidden amongst the spires of the Frostback Mountains, situated between the kingdoms of Ferelden and Orlais sits the fortress of Skyhold, the home of the Inquisition during the time of the third Dragon Age title, an imposing and towering structure that gives strength and determination to its residents, striking fear into their enemies. Until its release, I was still undecided on my perceptions of the series, I had enjoyed Origins and its expansion Awakening however felt its run time and structure just didn’t suit the format or style, preferring the more isometric approach taken with the inspirational titles Baldur’s Gate. Dragon Age 2 evolved and smoothed the rough edges of the first game however, the restriction of locations and reuse of assets gave the impression of a game that arguably should have been delayed or pushed back to perfect and indeed finish, the game.” Continue reading Dragon Age Inquisition – PS4 Review

Twelve Hours Escaping the Rebellion: Strategising The World of FTL

“I’m twelve hours into my time with FTL, usually a decent amount of time to conclude a short to medium length narrative based game but not an accurate measure with this title. Every game of FTL is relatively quick, or has been for me. Nearly every encounter is a combat based scenario of some variation, after they conclude there is little to do beyond jumping to the next star system to escape the approaching wave of Rebel vessels.” Continue reading Twelve Hours Escaping the Rebellion: Strategising The World of FTL