London Transport Museum: Museum Depot – Review

“The London Transport Museum Depot opened it’s doors to the public on the 14th October 1999, home to the majority of the collection not on display at it’s main Museum in Covent Garden. Open for a limited season during the year, it provides a rare opportunity for the public to see a vast assortment of items from its historic collection in a working environment, with curators and guides on hand to provide context and history to the trains and buses on show. For those with a fascination and enthusiasm towards the transport network in the City, it is an exciting opportunity to be able to go inside this large collection of vehicles and historical transport that is only accessible over the Summer months” Continue reading London Transport Museum: Museum Depot – Review

HMS Belfast – Welcome Back Aboard

“With Government Restrictions starting to ease and significant work undertaken in the intervening months, it was an absolute delight to once more, step aboard this historic battleship in the heart of the Capital on it’s opening weekend to the public. Perhaps, fortuitous this year marks the 50th anniversary of its arrival in London as a floating, historic museum, plans had been prepared to mark this occasion though of course no one could have foreseen the devastating impact to the cultural sector in the UK, so it was a relief to finally walk down the gangway and to step foot aboard Belfast.” Continue reading HMS Belfast – Welcome Back Aboard

Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature: Exhibit Review – Natural History Museum, London

“Today in our ‘enlightened’ times you can draw from a wealth of knowledge at your finger tips, at that point in history, you can understand how the discovery of these extinct creatures would have given rise to tales of the imagination which persevered and perhaps, influenced the creation of the mystical creatures featured in Fantastic Beasts. Your first steps into the exhibit in short order exemplifies the tone and direction in its entirety, an informative collection of bones and evolutionary knowledge on one side of the aisle, the prop of a fictional dragon skull from the film series directly opposite that typifies the aim of this particular attraction to educate and entertain using the premise of nature and magic to draw audiences in.” Continue reading Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature: Exhibit Review – Natural History Museum, London

On Tour With Watch Dogs Legion: Camden

“locations as featured in the game Watch Dogs Legion to their digital equivalence. Each review will feature a distinct part of the Capital with many of the most well known and famous buildings and structures represented as well as a few personal hidden treasures from that area. For the second chapter in this new series, we continue our exploration of the city by moving away from the historic quarter of Westminster and Parliament Square and arriving at the independent, bohemian spirited Borough of Camden. A new addition to the Open World recreation of London, unique to this game and an interesting time to explore both the virtual and real world versions of this part of the City. From its iconic bridge to the quiet, serenity of the waterways, any visit to this part of London is a memorable experience but also to see how transformative the events of the last year have been resulting in an alternate, historical portrayal of the future.” Continue reading On Tour With Watch Dogs Legion: Camden

On Tour With Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: St Paul’s To Covent Garden

“Assassin’s Creed Syndicate was released on the 23rd October 2015 as a direct sequel to the French, revolutionary era set game Unity. Crossing the English channel, this new chapter in the franchise brought the action and intrigue to the streets of industrial London with all the grit and crime players had come to expect from this series. It was the first opportunity to explore an open world interpretation of London with many of its well known buildings and landmarks present at this period of time before the devastation caused by the Great Wars and the subsequent landscape and societal changes following this period. In 2018 I set out to capture many of the cities most well known landmarks on camera to compare and contrast the digital and real world equivalence of these locations, to look at the level of authenticity applied by Ubisoft in bringing the City to life. And where for artistic reasons, concessions and changes were made. It wasn’t a project designed to expose the fallacies of the Open World engine used in Syndicate, more an opportunity to explore the City I have resided in all my life and know very well and to shine a spotlight on the differences discovered on my digital and real world adventures. This tour took place in the Summer of 2018 across the City of London taking in many of its most famous landmarks and attractions, concluding in the Spring of 2019 with one final visit to the Tower of London to bring this series to a close.” Continue reading On Tour With Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: St Paul’s To Covent Garden

A Cup of Tea with Mr C: A Week in Review #33

“What an abundance of riches this past week to talk about. I was able to get back out into London which I’ll talk about in a little detail but first that opening photo, one of those moments of feeling at one with nature. Just a curious bird when I stopped to catch my breath in Camden on Saturday that decided I didn’t pose a threat and was a little curious what I was doing. In truth, I had stopped to look at image quality on a series of shots I had taken but it caught my eye so I decided to slowly change lenses and try to get a picture of my new avian friend. I won’t be winning any prizes at the wildlife photographer of the year awards but it was fun to try out this form of photography if only for a moment. But back to the challenges of life and its been a relatively sedate past week, preparing for my final five days working in Bracknell and Wokingham. It’s been a short tenure but I’ll shortly be moving once more into the bright lights of the Capital and joining the daily commute as I start in a new location in Central London. It’s been nice to say goodbye having built a positive impression in such a short space of time. When I was first informed about moving out of London I did feel a little disheartened but I’ve tried to adopt a more holistic outlook in life and accept and make the most of these decisions outside my control. There was the natural temptation to kick and scream but ultimately, I feel it’s worked out for the best and I’m looking forward to my new challenge next week. ” Continue reading A Cup of Tea with Mr C: A Week in Review #33