A Cup of Tea with Mr C: Two Weeks in Review #27

“It’s been a busy couple of weeks so forgive the brief period of absence, the demands of work were ever present and I needed time to try and balance the demands of living and personal creativity. With the best intentions I hope I’ve found that balance and can start to focus on the things I enjoy again once more. I’ll have a little more to say about that below. I did manage to use that time away from the virtual world to get a few practical things done, primarily, a visit to the barber after three months growing a blonde haircut that would make the Prime Minister envious.” Continue reading A Cup of Tea with Mr C: Two Weeks in Review #27

Designing The Perfect Star Trek Sneaker

“Six years ago I was introduced to a world of possibility, whose limitation was restricted entirely by my own imagination. As a gift from my sister I was introduced to the concept of the custom designed Converse sneaker, recognizing my penchant for this stylish footwear, it was an illuminating gift to receive and consider. I discussed previously my sadness at saying goodbye to a worn and ragged pair from my expansive collection of Converse sneakers. As a brand they represented my first foray into exploring my half American heritage, buying into and showcasing that particular imagery and associated persona of sorts.” Continue reading Designing The Perfect Star Trek Sneaker

Puzzles, Brews and Treats: A Harry Potter Puzzle Night

“This past weekend was a return to a more simpler activity and time together, a selection of puzzles, fine music and enjoyable food. In it’s entirety it was an enjoyable reminder I suppose of the innocence and goodwill of this series, tempered in recent years perhaps but still taken on its merits a world of escapism away from pandemics and restrictions on our liberties. ” Continue reading Puzzles, Brews and Treats: A Harry Potter Puzzle Night

The Midnight Sky (2020) – Film Review

“The Midnight Sky, based on the 2016 novel Good Morning, Midnight by author Lily Brooks-Dalton and directed and staring acclaimed actor George Clooney is the dystopian, desolate story of the last survivors of humanity on a dying planet reaching out to make contact with last returning space voyage to alert them of the fate that awaits them. It’s a film centered around the journey, a window into the lives of these characters, set against the backdrop of a cataclysmic critical juncture in humanities future and the last sparks of the human condition that emerges at the worlds end. ” Continue reading The Midnight Sky (2020) – Film Review

From The Collection: Game Boy Advance TV Tuner

“Certain applications and processes we take for granted today that only a decade ago were in the realms of imagination and fantasy. The means to use a portable games console as a multimedia device able to stream and watch digital content is as commonplace now it would be notable not to include a YouTube or Netflix function. And yet you only have to go back to the turn of the Millennium when the infrastructure for the digital highway was less developed and in place in the UK to see a time when being able to watch live or streaming content away from home was a distant dream.” Continue reading From The Collection: Game Boy Advance TV Tuner

London in Media – An Introduction

“It stirred an ambition to create more of these singular form projects looking at how the city has been presented in the digitised realm and compare it to the reality of the world I live in. Some aspects and locations are well known and need no introduction, the Palace of Westminster and St Paul’s Cathedral are so well documented and used they require little effort or indeed endeavour to present an article on them. They have become a crutch, a way for cinematographers to quickly establish the city as a location without delving more into the intricacies of its locations. That for me was motivation, to start looking through and watching decades of film, tv and game series to compare and contrast the fictional worlds depicted on the small and silver screen to their real world counterparts whilst highlighting and bringing to life some of the lesser used areas of the city.” Continue reading London in Media – An Introduction