On Tour With Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: St Paul’s To Covent Garden

“Assassin’s Creed Syndicate was released on the 23rd October 2015 as a direct sequel to the French, revolutionary era set game Unity. Crossing the English channel, this new chapter in the franchise brought the action and intrigue to the streets of industrial London with all the grit and crime players had come to expect from this series. It was the first opportunity to explore an open world interpretation of London with many of its well known buildings and landmarks present at this period of time before the devastation caused by the Great Wars and the subsequent landscape and societal changes following this period. In 2018 I set out to capture many of the cities most well known landmarks on camera to compare and contrast the digital and real world equivalence of these locations, to look at the level of authenticity applied by Ubisoft in bringing the City to life. And where for artistic reasons, concessions and changes were made. It wasn’t a project designed to expose the fallacies of the Open World engine used in Syndicate, more an opportunity to explore the City I have resided in all my life and know very well and to shine a spotlight on the differences discovered on my digital and real world adventures. This tour took place in the Summer of 2018 across the City of London taking in many of its most famous landmarks and attractions, concluding in the Spring of 2019 with one final visit to the Tower of London to bring this series to a close.” Continue reading On Tour With Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: St Paul’s To Covent Garden

The Cheese Bar – Seven Dials, London

“The hospitality industry has faced significant challenge and threat in recent months with the impact of the Covid Virus continuing to ripple and reverberate across the entire sector. Niche, premium dining experiences in a central location and the associated costs in the absence of a thriving tourist industry will always be a challenge in the best of times, here, an existential threat to its very existence. Restaurants are having to find new ways to entice a nervous, domestic audience in the shadow of a looming financial crisis to return to casual dining, a daunting prospect.” Continue reading The Cheese Bar – Seven Dials, London

London Transport Museum – London, England.

“The museum is very much a showcase of the history of transport in the capital, though given the confines of its original structure as well as space being at a premium in London you do come away perhaps longing to see more of its collection. Thankfully, those with a predication towards this particular history are catered for with a series of ever popular and fast selling limited time events that see London Underground open up its dormant and unused stations and passages as part of it’s Hidden London program for the public to visit throughout the year” Continue reading London Transport Museum – London, England.

Bond in Motion

“Originally an exhibition opened at the Beaulieu Motor Museum to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the James Bond Franchise before moving to its more permanent home at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden in 2014, the Bond in Motion exhibition, an assortment of vehicles and props from the spy series continues to grow and expand with the subsequent expansion of the franchise with the last iteration Spectre.” Continue reading Bond in Motion