Cows About Cambridge 2021 – Trail Review

“A new herd about town brings a dash of colour and creative flair to the banks of the River Cam with the arrival of Cows about Cambridge from Wild in Art. This new sculpture event in the traditional university city takes place across the city over the Summer Months providing an opportunity for residents and visitors alike to discover an enjoyable and colourful display of artistry from local schools and community groups. There are 90 statues to discover on your trail divided between 44 large cow statues on the streets and in the open spaces in the city and 46 smaller calves to find in stores and museums throughout Cambridge.” Continue reading Cows About Cambridge 2021 – Trail Review

Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature: Exhibit Review – Natural History Museum, London

“Today in our ‘enlightened’ times you can draw from a wealth of knowledge at your finger tips, at that point in history, you can understand how the discovery of these extinct creatures would have given rise to tales of the imagination which persevered and perhaps, influenced the creation of the mystical creatures featured in Fantastic Beasts. Your first steps into the exhibit in short order exemplifies the tone and direction in its entirety, an informative collection of bones and evolutionary knowledge on one side of the aisle, the prop of a fictional dragon skull from the film series directly opposite that typifies the aim of this particular attraction to educate and entertain using the premise of nature and magic to draw audiences in.” Continue reading Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature: Exhibit Review – Natural History Museum, London

A Cup of Tea with Mr C: A Week in Review #18

“We both have things in our lives we miss dearly so we’ve made a determined effort to just make the best of a bad situation and if that means putting on our best clothes and enjoying a cream tea around a living room table then that’s what we’ll do. This period of lockdown was always going to be more challenging than last Summer, the lovely sunny days now dark long evenings but as she pointed out to me this past Sunday, the days are getting longer again. An apt metaphor for moving out of the darkness if ever there was one.” Continue reading A Cup of Tea with Mr C: A Week in Review #18

Christmas at Kew 2020 – Kew Gardens, London

“It is one of the highlights of the festive season in the capital, a host of wonderfully crafted and designed installations located around the gardens with a predetermined route guiding you around the night time environment. It looks amazing with audio accompaniment from a variety of known classical compositions in addition to selected festive favourites. Unlike the brash and garish lights of the city, there is something almost cathartic and healing seeing these types of illuminations intertwined with nature in how it is presented.” Continue reading Christmas at Kew 2020 – Kew Gardens, London

Cheddar Gorge Cliff Walk

“The National Trust has created a walking route that takes you up and around the main gorge road way, circling the caves and cliffs with some stunning views of the immediate and surrounding areas that give you a sense and perspective of the Mendip Hills. It does require a certain degree of fortitude and perseverance, there are two distinct access tracks to begin your ascent and opting for the temperate path relies entirely on good footwear and better weather” Continue reading Cheddar Gorge Cliff Walk

Summer at Kew 2020

“As with nearly every paid access attraction and open space in London it was impacted by the viral strain with access restricted to visitors, as such staffing levels were reduced to allow the gardens to remain operationally viable. As such, garden beds were left unplanted, features in a barren state with conservation work limited in what could be undertaken whilst ensuring the safety of the remaining staff on site.” Continue reading Summer at Kew 2020