World of Top Gear – Beaulieu, England

“Located in the heart of the New Forest on the Beaulieu estate, amongst the ruins of the abbey and the palace and gardens of the Montagu family, the National Motor Museum established formally in 1972 is a celebration and showcase of the nation’s automotive history from its origins to the latest vehicles. It’s a wonderful contrast between the historical and natural world, with amazing gardens in the summer to walk idly around and the mechanical with a variety of cars, bikes and transport, there is a harmonised balance in the experience quite often overlooked at other industrial exhibitions” Continue reading World of Top Gear – Beaulieu, England

Bond in Motion

“Originally an exhibition opened at the Beaulieu Motor Museum to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the James Bond Franchise before moving to its more permanent home at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden in 2014, the Bond in Motion exhibition, an assortment of vehicles and props from the spy series continues to grow and expand with the subsequent expansion of the franchise with the last iteration Spectre.” Continue reading Bond in Motion