Snowdon Mountain Railway – The Civilized Approach To Mountain Exploration

“The Snowdon Mountain Railway was established in 1896, providing a unique opportunity to ascend one of the Three Peaks in the United Kingdom in relative comfort and ease. Today, it continues to serve the same purpose, departing from the base of the mountain in the town of Llanberis to its summit, providing spectacular views of the surrounding landscape and quarries below.” Continue reading Snowdon Mountain Railway – The Civilized Approach To Mountain Exploration

American Air Museum: Imperial War Museum Duxford – Review

“Opened on the 1st August 1997, the American Air Museum located within the Imperial War Museum in Duxford is home to one of the best collections of US military aircraft on public display outside of North America. Since its formation as an annexe of the main Imperial War Museum location outside of London in 1977 it has built up and established one of the largest collections of US military aircraft in Britain. The American Air Museum was conceived in the 1980s to commemorate the role of US personnel who had fought in active combat during the Second World War and their presence in this country in that time.” Continue reading American Air Museum: Imperial War Museum Duxford – Review

Cutty Sark – London, UK

“Situated in Greenwich, a short walk from the historic Old Royal Naval College, the restored tea clipper Cutty Sark is one of the highlights when visiting this corner of London. As part of the Royal Museums Greenwich group, an assortment of attractions in and around Greenwich including the Royal Observatory, today she serves to educate generations of visitors on her illustrious history as one of the prestige vessels in the ‘tea race’. ” Continue reading Cutty Sark – London, UK

World of Top Gear – Beaulieu, England

“Located in the heart of the New Forest on the Beaulieu estate, amongst the ruins of the abbey and the palace and gardens of the Montagu family, the National Motor Museum established formally in 1972 is a celebration and showcase of the nation’s automotive history from its origins to the latest vehicles. It’s a wonderful contrast between the historical and natural world, with amazing gardens in the summer to walk idly around and the mechanical with a variety of cars, bikes and transport, there is a harmonised balance in the experience quite often overlooked at other industrial exhibitions” Continue reading World of Top Gear – Beaulieu, England

London Transport Museum – London, England.

“The museum is very much a showcase of the history of transport in the capital, though given the confines of its original structure as well as space being at a premium in London you do come away perhaps longing to see more of its collection. Thankfully, those with a predication towards this particular history are catered for with a series of ever popular and fast selling limited time events that see London Underground open up its dormant and unused stations and passages as part of it’s Hidden London program for the public to visit throughout the year” Continue reading London Transport Museum – London, England.

Bond in Motion

“Originally an exhibition opened at the Beaulieu Motor Museum to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the James Bond Franchise before moving to its more permanent home at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden in 2014, the Bond in Motion exhibition, an assortment of vehicles and props from the spy series continues to grow and expand with the subsequent expansion of the franchise with the last iteration Spectre.” Continue reading Bond in Motion