Cows About Cambridge 2021 – Trail Review

“A new herd about town brings a dash of colour and creative flair to the banks of the River Cam with the arrival of Cows about Cambridge from Wild in Art. This new sculpture event in the traditional university city takes place across the city over the Summer Months providing an opportunity for residents and visitors alike to discover an enjoyable and colourful display of artistry from local schools and community groups. There are 90 statues to discover on your trail divided between 44 large cow statues on the streets and in the open spaces in the city and 46 smaller calves to find in stores and museums throughout Cambridge.” Continue reading Cows About Cambridge 2021 – Trail Review

London Transport Museum: Museum Depot – Review

“The London Transport Museum Depot opened it’s doors to the public on the 14th October 1999, home to the majority of the collection not on display at it’s main Museum in Covent Garden. Open for a limited season during the year, it provides a rare opportunity for the public to see a vast assortment of items from its historic collection in a working environment, with curators and guides on hand to provide context and history to the trains and buses on show. For those with a fascination and enthusiasm towards the transport network in the City, it is an exciting opportunity to be able to go inside this large collection of vehicles and historical transport that is only accessible over the Summer months” Continue reading London Transport Museum: Museum Depot – Review

On Tour With Watch Dogs Legion: Barbican Estate

“For the third chapter in this series, we continue our exploration of London by travelling south from Camden and arriving at the Barbican Estate, home to one of the most distinct and unique housing developments in the Capital as well as the cities own Museum. A great example of the Brutalist Architectural style prominent during the post war reconstruction period of history, today a Grade II listed area with its prominent concrete aesthetic and appearance that encapsulates the design approach of that period of time. A fascinating location to discover and explore.” Continue reading On Tour With Watch Dogs Legion: Barbican Estate

Cloud 9 Brighton – Bite Sized Food Review

“Walking down The Lanes in Brighton, you discover some amazing small independent boutiques and stores that are a memorable experience in themselves. At the end of Kensington Gardens a short walk from the bright lights of its famous Pier, Cloud 9 Brighton is dishing up some delicious sweets and treats from made to order cakes to amazing looking milkshakes. For those with a sweet tooth looking for a Gluten Free alternative, a wide variety of Gluten Wise brownies and cupcakes in an assortment of flavours and ingredients that sets aside the ordinary and delivers on it promise on serving some of the best cakes and ice creams in Brighton.” Continue reading Cloud 9 Brighton – Bite Sized Food Review

Manga Exhibit 2019 – British Museum, London: Retrospective Review

“Manga at the British Museum┬áthat started its tour on the 23rd May 2019 and concluded on the 26th August charted the origins and rise of this art style from the earliest interpretations and designs through to the fundamental cultural shift as Japanese society and its ethos changed following the second world war and through to its current iterations and style.” Continue reading Manga Exhibit 2019 – British Museum, London: Retrospective Review

HMS Belfast – Welcome Back Aboard

“With Government Restrictions starting to ease and significant work undertaken in the intervening months, it was an absolute delight to once more, step aboard this historic battleship in the heart of the Capital on it’s opening weekend to the public. Perhaps, fortuitous this year marks the 50th anniversary of its arrival in London as a floating, historic museum, plans had been prepared to mark this occasion though of course no one could have foreseen the devastating impact to the cultural sector in the UK, so it was a relief to finally walk down the gangway and to step foot aboard Belfast.” Continue reading HMS Belfast – Welcome Back Aboard