Star Trek: The Next Generation Sketch Book The Movies – Book Review

“Published through the Pocket Book subsidiary, this sketch book was released in 1998 providing a tome of information and supporting material as The Next Generation transitioned into the cinematic universe. It was a collaboration between veteran writer J.M Dillard, a mainstay in the franchises expanded literary universe and concept artist John Eaves who continues to bring the vision of the shows creators to life with his involvement in the first seasons of Discovery and Picard” Continue reading Star Trek: The Next Generation Sketch Book The Movies – Book Review

On tour with Game of Thrones in Malta

“For a seasoned fan, there is something special visiting these early shooting locations and standing in the footsteps of some of my favourite heroes and villains. In recent years with the expansion of serialised dramas onto streaming platforms, there has been a concerted effort to film in practical locations moving away from the reliance on green screen settings to add a certain authenticity to the productions. It marks a critical juncture in this form of entertainment creating a premium experience that demands authenticity in its appearance.” Continue reading On tour with Game of Thrones in Malta

Without Remorse (2021) – Film Review

“Without Remorse released on the 30th April 2021 on the Amazon streaming service after the company acquired the rights to distribute the film following the closure of theatres during the global pandemic. It is an adaptation of the 1993 book of the same name by the late author Tom Clancy that details the origin story of John Kelly, a former US special forces soldier who seeks to take revenge against those who murdered his wife. The film and origin story of this particular character had been in development purgatory for over two decades, originally looking to film following the success of the Harrison Ford adaptations with a number of false starts before finally being filmed and adapted into a proposed two part film series that would conclude with Rainbow 6.” Continue reading Without Remorse (2021) – Film Review

Star Trek: First Contact – 25 Years On

“Released on the 13th December 1996 and directed by series star Jonathan Frakes, the eighth cinematic release of the Star Trek franchise marked a distinct next chapter in the series moving away from the original series actors and characters and focusing on the cast of The Next Generation. This year, celebrating its 25th Anniversary presents an opportunity to look back and reflect on the continual success and legacy of this cinematic release that continues to resonate with audiences across the generational divide with its message of optimism and hope.” Continue reading Star Trek: First Contact – 25 Years On

Aversion To The Inevitable: Pushing Back Against Streaming

“It speaks to a cultural shift in media consumption, no longer concerned with owning products or goods but consuming them in the here and now then moving onto something else. Perhaps, in a perfect future this level of choice will match that available in the physical domain but in the short term, whether its regional licensing issues or even this modern day desire to purge content deemed challenging or harmful, moving to an entirely digital way of living through streaming and subscription models doesn’t seem economically viable and removes choice from the consumer.” Continue reading Aversion To The Inevitable: Pushing Back Against Streaming