On Tour With Watch Dogs Legion: Barbican Estate

“For the third chapter in this series, we continue our exploration of London by travelling south from Camden and arriving at the Barbican Estate, home to one of the most distinct and unique housing developments in the Capital as well as the cities own Museum. A great example of the Brutalist Architectural style prominent during the post war reconstruction period of history, today a Grade II listed area with its prominent concrete aesthetic and appearance that encapsulates the design approach of that period of time. A fascinating location to discover and explore.” Continue reading On Tour With Watch Dogs Legion: Barbican Estate

Museum of London – London, UK

“Nestled amongst the Barbican complex, itself an epitome of the Brutalist architectural style of Britain in general and London specifically during the 1950’s sits the Museum of London, an assortment of collections once divided amongst the various historical sites in the City from the Guildhall to Kensington Palace now residing in this one location and showcasing the historical roots going back to the earliest settlements to its current standing as a leading global destination.” Continue reading Museum of London – London, UK