Without Remorse (2021) – Film Review

“Without Remorse released on the 30th April 2021 on the Amazon streaming service after the company acquired the rights to distribute the film following the closure of theatres during the global pandemic. It is an adaptation of the 1993 book of the same name by the late author Tom Clancy that details the origin story of John Kelly, a former US special forces soldier who seeks to take revenge against those who murdered his wife. The film and origin story of this particular character had been in development purgatory for over two decades, originally looking to film following the success of the Harrison Ford adaptations with a number of false starts before finally being filmed and adapted into a proposed two part film series that would conclude with Rainbow 6.” Continue reading Without Remorse (2021) – Film Review

National Army Museum – London, England

“Located in one of London’s most affluent Boroughs, the dedicated and central museum for this tranche of the British military, the National Army Museum sits adjacent to the Royal Hospital Chelsea, home to the Chelsea Pensioners and adds to the prestige and occasion of visiting this recently refurbished and modern attraction. Originally conceived in the 1950’s to have a permanent establishment dedicated towards the history of the Army, opened as a temporary exhibit in Sandhurst before moving to its permanent home in Chelsea opening in 1971” Continue reading National Army Museum – London, England

Fleet Air Arm Museum – Yeovilton, Somerset

“Opened in 1964, the museum has seen continual change and innovation, its centerpiece the carrier exhibit between halls with its flight deck and aircraft experience a fascinating attraction unique to this location. In addition to the general attractions as with other museums of this type and nature it continues to support the restoration of military aircraft recovered and transported to Yeovil to restore and preserve the equipment for prosperity sake.” Continue reading Fleet Air Arm Museum – Yeovilton, Somerset

A Brief History of the Military in Media

“The depiction of the military, both on the small and silver screen has a varied history both in terms of accuracy and indeed, authenticity in how it is portrayed. The influence, of the military over the production process and indeed the general narrative is an interesting discussion to consider in itself. Emerging from the golden era of Hollywood, the military has had a consistent presence, and indeed influence, over a great many productions since that point in time with access and use to personnel and hardware pre-conditioned on the input and oversight of the military in the creative process. In a society that enshrines the freedom of speech and restriction of Government input into what is acceptable discourse, this intervention of the military into media narrative has caused consternation at this perceived attack or challenge upon one of the Unions founding principles.” Continue reading A Brief History of the Military in Media

The Final Countdown (1980) – Movie Review

“Final Countdown is at its heart a narrative fixed around the morality of time travel and the impact of your actions on historical settings and your present day circumstance. Principally, a classic what if? scenario, if you could alter or change the past would you change it, subjectively, for the better regardless of the consequences or allow events to play it as they happened to return to the world you know.” Continue reading The Final Countdown (1980) – Movie Review