HMS Belfast – Welcome Back Aboard

“With Government Restrictions starting to ease and significant work undertaken in the intervening months, it was an absolute delight to once more, step aboard this historic battleship in the heart of the Capital on it’s opening weekend to the public. Perhaps, fortuitous this year marks the 50th anniversary of its arrival in London as a floating, historic museum, plans had been prepared to mark this occasion though of course no one could have foreseen the devastating impact to the cultural sector in the UK, so it was a relief to finally walk down the gangway and to step foot aboard Belfast.” Continue reading HMS Belfast – Welcome Back Aboard

American Air Museum: Imperial War Museum Duxford – Review

“Opened on the 1st August 1997, the American Air Museum located within the Imperial War Museum in Duxford is home to one of the best collections of US military aircraft on public display outside of North America. Since its formation as an annexe of the main Imperial War Museum location outside of London in 1977 it has built up and established one of the largest collections of US military aircraft in Britain. The American Air Museum was conceived in the 1980s to commemorate the role of US personnel who had fought in active combat during the Second World War and their presence in this country in that time.” Continue reading American Air Museum: Imperial War Museum Duxford – Review

HMY Britannia – Edinburgh, Scotland

“Britannia had been built to serve as a hospital ship at a time of crisis, serving in a limited capacity during the Yemen Civil War in 1986 and due to her status as a non combatant ship in the service of the Navy she was able to assist with the evacuation of British nationals in the territory, fulfilling this humanitarian aspect of her design. A yacht built to project the majesty of the Royal Family and Great Britain, serving a multitude of roles and functions over her lifetime before finding a more permanent residency at the docks in Edinburgh where she rests today.” Continue reading HMY Britannia – Edinburgh, Scotland

IWM Churchill War Rooms – London, England

“Beneath the streets of Whitehall in the heart of Westminster, a secretive and secluded museum faithfully preserving the underground cabinet war rooms and bunker, instrumental in leading the efforts of the British Government and allied forces during a period of bombardment and crippling damage to the capital in the Second World War. The original war rooms location came into operation on 27th August 1939 and were operationally active for the duration of conflict, closed after the surrender of Japan in 1945” Continue reading IWM Churchill War Rooms – London, England

IWM Duxford – Cambridgeshire, England

“Located in the heart of the Cambridgeshire countryside, the Imperial War Museum Duxford is an annex to the main IWM museum in London and part of the groups UK based locations outside the capital. Its lineage and history as Duxford Aerodrome date back to its use and role as a critical part of the UK’s air defences in the first half of the 20th century, operated by the Royal Air Force during the First World War before serving a prominent role in support of the Battle of Britain and as a support facility for American bombers during daylight operations.” Continue reading IWM Duxford – Cambridgeshire, England

National Army Museum – London, England

“Located in one of London’s most affluent Boroughs, the dedicated and central museum for this tranche of the British military, the National Army Museum sits adjacent to the Royal Hospital Chelsea, home to the Chelsea Pensioners and adds to the prestige and occasion of visiting this recently refurbished and modern attraction. Originally conceived in the 1950’s to have a permanent establishment dedicated towards the history of the Army, opened as a temporary exhibit in Sandhurst before moving to its permanent home in Chelsea opening in 1971” Continue reading National Army Museum – London, England