2020: A Year In Review

“The last year will be viewed as a critical juncture for many, a period of time when new ways of living and working emerged, new industries blossoming, established brands and companies reduced to cinders. For every inflicted wound and distress, the necessity more than ever to clutch at the small mercies and blessings we have clung to and kept us going through this period of uncertainty and change. In time, we will reflect back on the decisions and choices we made over these last twelve months, where we tried to set side the fear and uncertainty to overcome and live with this virus in our day to day lives.” Continue reading 2020: A Year In Review

Christmas Movies, Events and Traditions

“The festive season has begun with aplomb, decorations and trees springing up as early as November as we collectively decided to forgo patience and decorum and instead, just enjoy a time of year that traditionally brings people together in a way we’ve been so cruelly divided from each other over the last nine months. Different households have their own personal traditions and activities that signal the onset of the festive spirit, this isn’t a defining list of activities or movies but a personal insight of the movies and activities that I typically enjoy at this time of year.” Continue reading Christmas Movies, Events and Traditions

Palace of Holyroodhouse – Edinburgh, Scotland

“Today, the Palace sites besides the new and modern Holyrood Parliament building where the devolved administration sits deciding affairs of state. It’s a remarkable contrast of two distinct architectural styles that reflects the character of the city, this perfect amalgamation of old and new reflecting the tradition and growth of the Scottish capital. The Palace since the 16th century served as the residence for the Kings and Queens of Scotland and is today used for state occasions when the British Monarch resides in Scotland.” Continue reading Palace of Holyroodhouse – Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland

“Dominating the skyline of the Scottish capital, Edinburgh Castle sits atop Castle Rock, one of the UK’s most visited paid attractions with commanding views of the city and landscape below. Throughout history its role and function has changed, used for a variety of purposes from a Royal Residence to a Military Garrison, today, under the governance of Historic Environment Scotland it continues to serve a variety of causes. Within the castle grounds, regimental museums and the National War Museum of Scotland are open to visitors, in addition the 12th Century St Margaret’s Chapel and the 16th Century Great Hall.” Continue reading Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland

HMY Britannia – Edinburgh, Scotland

“Britannia had been built to serve as a hospital ship at a time of crisis, serving in a limited capacity during the Yemen Civil War in 1986 and due to her status as a non combatant ship in the service of the Navy she was able to assist with the evacuation of British nationals in the territory, fulfilling this humanitarian aspect of her design. A yacht built to project the majesty of the Royal Family and Great Britain, serving a multitude of roles and functions over her lifetime before finding a more permanent residency at the docks in Edinburgh where she rests today.” Continue reading HMY Britannia – Edinburgh, Scotland

Highclere Castle – Hampshire, England

“The spectre of modernity overshadowed the estate as it emerged into the modern era, the challenge of funding and remaining financially viable a contention faced by many buildings of this size and stature. Whilst it had been used as a filming location sparingly in recent years it’s use in the series Downton Abbey that provided relief to the Castle’s residents allowing restoration projects to be undertaken th”at will eventually open up areas that had fallen into disrepair. Continue reading Highclere Castle – Hampshire, England