Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature: Exhibit Review – Natural History Museum, London

“Today in our ‘enlightened’ times you can draw from a wealth of knowledge at your finger tips, at that point in history, you can understand how the discovery of these extinct creatures would have given rise to tales of the imagination which persevered and perhaps, influenced the creation of the mystical creatures featured in Fantastic Beasts. Your first steps into the exhibit in short order exemplifies the tone and direction in its entirety, an informative collection of bones and evolutionary knowledge on one side of the aisle, the prop of a fictional dragon skull from the film series directly opposite that typifies the aim of this particular attraction to educate and entertain using the premise of nature and magic to draw audiences in.” Continue reading Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature: Exhibit Review – Natural History Museum, London

On tour with Game of Thrones in Malta

“For a seasoned fan, there is something special visiting these early shooting locations and standing in the footsteps of some of my favourite heroes and villains. In recent years with the expansion of serialised dramas onto streaming platforms, there has been a concerted effort to film in practical locations moving away from the reliance on green screen settings to add a certain authenticity to the productions. It marks a critical juncture in this form of entertainment creating a premium experience that demands authenticity in its appearance.” Continue reading On tour with Game of Thrones in Malta

The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour – Leavesden, England

“From the original Great Hall to the actual steam locomotive Olton Hall repurposed as the Hogwarts Express in its fictional setting, for fans of the series, there is a great deal to see and enjoy, lacking perhaps in rides and roller coasters but made up for in authenticity. When the wooden doors open to the Great Hall to the musical score of John Williams, you find yourself absorbed into this fantasy setting.” Continue reading The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour – Leavesden, England

London in Media – An Introduction

“It stirred an ambition to create more of these singular form projects looking at how the city has been presented in the digitised realm and compare it to the reality of the world I live in. Some aspects and locations are well known and need no introduction, the Palace of Westminster and St Paul’s Cathedral are so well documented and used they require little effort or indeed endeavour to present an article on them. They have become a crutch, a way for cinematographers to quickly establish the city as a location without delving more into the intricacies of its locations. That for me was motivation, to start looking through and watching decades of film, tv and game series to compare and contrast the fictional worlds depicted on the small and silver screen to their real world counterparts whilst highlighting and bringing to life some of the lesser used areas of the city.” Continue reading London in Media – An Introduction

El hoyo (The Platform) (2019) – Movie Review

“A macabre, grotesque production that critiques both the decadence of capitalism and the naivety of socialism in equal measure, concluding in a bleak and forlorn manner that does little to address or resolve those visual injustices depicted in its narrative. In its core, the critique of capitalism and the socio-economic principle of trickle down economics whereby the opulence and luxury experienced by the wealthiest filters downwards, reducing at each stage until those at the bottom receive little if anything from the descending wealth” Continue reading El hoyo (The Platform) (2019) – Movie Review

Time Trap (2017) – Movie Review

“Time Trap utilises this mechanic in an interesting fashion framing the premise around a group of individuals discovering a location where the rules of time act differently in contrast to the world around them. It uses a variation of the time slip mechanism, limited somewhat in scope and setting, but still unique enough to set itself apart from its contemporaries. In recent years with a turn towards the post happiness mindset, a number of shows and films have attempted a similar more bleak use of the time slip mechanic” Continue reading Time Trap (2017) – Movie Review