Star Trek First Contact: Complete Motion Picture Score – Soundtrack Review

“score was a heavily truncated experience with many of the shorter themes and moments removed to abide by the demands of the Musicians Union at that period of time. This limited edition soundtrack from composer Jerry Goldsmith with supporting material from his son Joel Goldsmith includes an additional twenty five minutes of music removed from the original score restoring the soundtrack to its original entirety.” Continue reading Star Trek First Contact: Complete Motion Picture Score – Soundtrack Review

Without Remorse (2021) – Film Review

“Without Remorse released on the 30th April 2021 on the Amazon streaming service after the company acquired the rights to distribute the film following the closure of theatres during the global pandemic. It is an adaptation of the 1993 book of the same name by the late author Tom Clancy that details the origin story of John Kelly, a former US special forces soldier who seeks to take revenge against those who murdered his wife. The film and origin story of this particular character had been in development purgatory for over two decades, originally looking to film following the success of the Harrison Ford adaptations with a number of false starts before finally being filmed and adapted into a proposed two part film series that would conclude with Rainbow 6.” Continue reading Without Remorse (2021) – Film Review

Star Trek: First Contact – 25 Years On

“Released on the 13th December 1996 and directed by series star Jonathan Frakes, the eighth cinematic release of the Star Trek franchise marked a distinct next chapter in the series moving away from the original series actors and characters and focusing on the cast of The Next Generation. This year, celebrating its 25th Anniversary presents an opportunity to look back and reflect on the continual success and legacy of this cinematic release that continues to resonate with audiences across the generational divide with its message of optimism and hope.” Continue reading Star Trek: First Contact – 25 Years On

The Midnight Sky (2020) – Film Review

“The Midnight Sky, based on the 2016 novel Good Morning, Midnight by author Lily Brooks-Dalton and directed and staring acclaimed actor George Clooney is the dystopian, desolate story of the last survivors of humanity on a dying planet reaching out to make contact with last returning space voyage to alert them of the fate that awaits them. It’s a film centered around the journey, a window into the lives of these characters, set against the backdrop of a cataclysmic critical juncture in humanities future and the last sparks of the human condition that emerges at the worlds end. ” Continue reading The Midnight Sky (2020) – Film Review

Moon (2009) – Film Review

“Released in 2009 from director Duncan Jones, Moon is a high concept and intelligent science fiction drama that dispels and sheds many of the more familiar conventions and ideas common to the genre and instead opts for a more grounded and realised depiction of life in the cosmos. It redefines the concept and idea of the One-Man film style in an intelligent and creative way, featuring an accomplished performance from actor Sam Rockwell and a notable supporting cast in a minor capacity that elevates and carries the production beyond its humble means.” Continue reading Moon (2009) – Film Review

Sunshine (2007)- Film Review

“From director Danny Boyle, released in 2007, this acclaimed science fiction thriller brought together an international ensemble cast in a complex and thrilling horror film charting a single crews ambition to restore life to a dying planet. On its release the movie garnered and was nominated for multiple awards for its grounded portrayal of space in this genre, with notable influences and directional styles from its peers and contemporaries such as Kubrick’s 2001 and Ridley Scott’s Alien. ” Continue reading Sunshine (2007)- Film Review