Comfortable Conversations – In March

The Madness of March

Good evening all, we arrive at the end of March and what an incredibly transformative month it’s been for everyone. It’s hard to believe I begun this month on my holidays in the sun kissed country of Italy and finish alone in my flat in London isolating against this global pandemic. It will be a generation defining event for many, changing a lot of opinions and perceptions on critical roles in society when events such as this occur. From a personal perspective in the UK I am deemed a critical worker, as such, my everyday routine for the most part continues, I still go to work, though with reduced operating hours, try to limit my exposure and time with the public and come home. That essence of normality is a stark contrast to the world around me and fortunately gives me something to focus on beyond the abject insanity of the world shutting down as it has.

The additional free time has allowed me to accelerate my plans somewhat to rebrand and relaunch my writing and creative content under the Comfortably Adventurous title. For the last year and a half I’ve been creating content under the Around The Bonfire heading, an old group project that existed to use but I wanted to set out my own branch and direction. With this time I have begun to create and shape the direction of this page, covering the things I enjoy and love to write about, mainly travelling, new experiences and gaming with the odd series or movie review thrown in for good measure. I’ve attempted to craft content that is welcoming and easy to digest, but everything is a work in progress. A great deal of the content in March has been republished articles from my other sites but I’ve had the opportunity to write about my most recent Italy trip which was nice to reflect back on.

For now, and I suppose going into April, with travelling, indeed any external activity really embargoed until further notice it means an opportunity to catch up on a number of articles I wanted to write from recent trips. In addition, making a greater effort to make a dent in my digital backlog and seeing what Disney+ has to offer in the UK. My external Potter plans i had intended to write have been curtailed somewhat with ongoing events as my first activity in May has been postponed until ‘further notice’. But there is content to write, games to play, movies to watch. I’m fortunate to have my health so I count those blessings at the moment and keep my stockpile of fresh large oranges at the ready. Forget toilet roll, its those bad boy large oranges that are the real winner.

What I Published:

March was an active month for the page though in part because I was bringing over articles from my former iterations under one banner. For my part, it gave opportunity to flesh out a couple of the travel articles and redo the pictures and images to a consistent standard and size which had always been a personal annoyance and a lot of work to go back and correct. For new travel content, a review of the Colosseum in Rome, with a second part due to arrive in April visiting the Roman Forum. In addition I also finally completed my long procrastinated write up of visiting the Vasa museum in Stockholm, one of my all time favourite and most memorable European museums to visit.

Media wise, a little quiet this month in terms of gaming, I’ll accept its largely a subjective mindset but at the best of times when the weather is nice I do struggle to focus on gaming as I prefer to be outdoors finding new places or locations to visit. With both those options off the table and the world a little in chaos right now, unfortunately there is a genuine need to stay in. That doesn’t alleviate my natural predication, as such sitting around gaming doesn’t sit well as a productive past time. Still, I finally managed to complete Assassin’s Creed Unity as part of Kim at Later Levels #maybeinmarch series so bonus points for me. With this virus not letting up, I’ve retreated back to an old friend and currently spending time with the Inquisition with an intention to reformat and bring over my retrospective review from last years 5th anniversary post.

What I enjoyed:

With the additional free time I’ve managed to catch up on some reading this month and these talented people have kept me entertained during periods of isolation. Before I go further, at the moment, in my personal circumstance I am alone in my flat with my partner living away separately in hers due to this pandemic. It’s a solitary experience, having these articles to read creates a passive connection to the outside world and is very welcoming so thank you everyone. Now, suppressing the emotions as the English are famed to do, a few highlights for me this month. First of all, a big mention to Kim whose inspired me to write a virtual convention post based entirely off her brilliant idea to write a virtual convention post. Sometimes you can hide behind small changes and call it your own, this is entirely in the spirit of her great post, so check out her great work.

The Video Game Art page that I also follow had a playthrough of Bound. I finished this last year as one of my backlog games, I wasn’t immediately enamored with the mechanics but as an experience and form of art it was amazing to play, I can only imagine what it’s like in VR, definitely a great read of their experience. And lastly Stephen whose love for the release of Ori is clear to see. An amazing looking game from an envious PS4 owner, you have to admire and respect when a title like this comes along, and also just be glad someone enjoys a game that greatly. Nice article and really enjoyable review to read.

Highlights from my Camera Reel:

View from the Rockefeller Center
The Vasa Museum in Stockholm
The Roman Forum
Advertising a the Guinness factory

Plans for April

Under the advice of the UK Government, presumably the country is locked down for the next month which makes any form of plans outside of these four walls and my daily journey to work a little redundant. As such, a lot of free time to write and dream idly when we can once more go outside and start exploring the world again. I’m blessed to live very close to a small lake near my flat I can walk around for my daily permitted exercise. I do have about a half dozen posts planned for the next calendar month, the aforementioned review of the Roman Forum and possibly a piece on the Vatican. Always must see destinations for me whenever I manage to get over to Rome, I also intend to bring over one or two more legacy travel articles from my previous page but as with all good plans, things are subject to change.

In my digital life, once I have finished my ‘comfort’ gaming playthrough of Inquisition and feel there is still a reason to keep going in life, I intend, to playthrough Resident Evil 2 remake on the PS4. Some say behind the curve, others, well it’s my free time so enjoy your Nemesis, I’ll enjoy Leon. Outside of Raccoon city and the Inquisition, my book reviews continue with a look at the Star Trek TNG book The Art of Juan Ortiz and finally, in a world without conventions, or indeed at the moment convention centers, a virtual convention as inspired by Kim’s virtual Rez post. Basically, April will be the month I get around to releasing articles on a regular basis before life, hopefully, maybe returns to a little more normality in May. We can only hope.

Stay safe, wash your hands, stay indoors, keep the faith.

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    1. I’m a little tempted to pick up a Xbox to replace my oldish 360 so may be on the cards. All the money saved from not going out 😏


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